Slide the streets of Cincinnati

My husband and I went to this event last weekend and it was amazing. I read about this event last year on Facebook, but was unable to attend.

On the outskirts of the UC campus, this 1,000 foot slip-n-slide covers the length of three football fields on the city street. Padded and wet, sliders speed through three lanes from the beginning to the end on tubes- whether their own or that of Slide the City.

The event offered scheduled ride times to make it convenient for rides and to avoid long waits in the hot sun. But, sliders were not at risk of being overheated because water was being sprayed, water guns being used just before hitting the slippery slope.

Slide the City can be found in over 200 cities this summer, even overseas. Produced by Sack Lunch Productions, this event is gaining popularity. The cost is reasonable and the fee includes a tube, mouth guard and a drawstring bag. The event included live music, drinks and of course the slide. For one slide- $15, three slides-$35, and a day pass – $99.

If you missed the slide in Cincinnati, here are two other chances to catch the slide in nearby cities:

July 23- 900 E. Lasalle Ave., Southbend, IN

August 20- 44 University Ave., Akron, OH

Sport your best swimwear and hit the streets of the next Slide the City. Let me know how you like it.




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