Sucking the fun out of it!


I haven’t been to Jenny Craig in years, which allowed me plenty of time to put on a ton of weight. But, realizing that I’ve allowed myself to get in a place I didn’t want to be, I broke down and decided to go back to Jenny Craig. It takes a strong mindset to convince the mind that this is something that needs to be done. I talked myself up and was determined to stay on the program, lose the weight and look and feel better again. I was pumped to get weekly meals prepared and have the weekly motivation that I was sure to need.

But, my expectations fell short the minute I stepped into the door of Jenny Craig in Mason. First, I was the only one there. Sure, it was in the middle of the afternoon – but where were the people that felt my pain? Where where the people that I was going to stand side-by-side with during our weeks of crossing paths? There were none.

I walked in and an employee looked up from the computer like I had just pissed in her cereal. She was the only one working and I was the only person there. She quickly shook off the disappointment that she would have to work for a few minutes and asked me to follow her.

She took my weight, which turned out to be more than I had thought  it was (good thing I was there, I thought to myself) and led me back to a small, windowless cubicle. She asked me if I’d ever been on Jenny Craig. I told her that I had been on the program about 10 years ago. (Wrong thing to say if i wanted to be treated like a poor fat girl that needed motivation)

She said, “Well, things haven’t changed.” She pulled out a menu and stood up and we were off.

I thought to myself – “What! Wait?” What about the measurements, photos and all the hyped-up talk about how this program was going to show me the stars and the moon if I followed the plan?

Nope, nothing.

It was as if she were saying to me,”Just get your food and get out of here so I can go back to the computer.”

So, after the program fee (which she didn’t even discuss with me), a week’s worth of food and a credit card that is still smoking, I was out of the door- in less than ten minutes.

So much for a warm welcome! So much for the fuzzy, good feeling I was supposed to have when I left!

I transferred to the Beavercreek office after that.

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