Battle of departments

The Beavercreek police and fire departments are going head to head for the good of the community during their 3rd Annual Battle of the Badges blood drive competition. This years’ event will be held on Monday, August 29 from 3 p.m. – 7 p.m. at the Peace Lutheran Church located at 3530 Dayton-Xenia Rd.

“The fire department has won bragging rights for the past two years,” Beavercreek Township Auxiliary Fire Department, Pat Cochran said. “By doing the blood drive, it’s just a fun thing for both departments to do to help the community.”

The battle continues for the police department to topple over the fire department this year. In 2014, the fire department won 59-41 and in 2015, 52-33. So, will the table turn for the police department this year? But, one thing that seems to be common between the fire and police departments are their dedication to helping everyone in the community- the true winners.

Blood donations are at its lowest point during the summer months. This is because people usually go on vacations and schools that usually provide donations are out of session. Even though the blood donations are at its lowest, blood use is normally at its highest during the summer because of accidents, surgeries, trauma, etc.

“This is just our way of giving back,” Cochran said. “You just never know when a family member or you may need blood. We just want to make sure there’s enough.”

According to the Red Cross, blood donors should do the following prior to their donation:

  • Eat healthy, iron rich foods such as red meat, fish, spinach or raisins;
  • Drink an extra 16 oz. of water before the donation;
  • Avoid high fatty foods; and
  • Don’t forget to take your donor card or form of identification.

This event is open to anyone 16 years or older, not limited to Beavercreek residents. In addition to the usual cookies and juice provided after the donation, Beavercreek Township Fire Department’s chili cook-off winner, Mike McDufford, will be offering up free bowls of his winning chili. Also, in support of the police department, free donuts will be offered.

At the time of registration, vote which department you would like to win – fire or police. Last year approximately 100 donations were made. This year, it is expected that they will have approximately 124 blood donations. Making an appointment will prevent long waits.

Register for an appointment on the Community Blood Center’s website at or Appointments can also be made by calling 1-800-388-GIVE. When doing so, applicants, 18 years or older, will be entered to win an Alaskan cruise. All donors will receive a “Don’t Moose Around with the Blood Supply” t-shirt the day of the donation. Registration for a specific appointment time is recommended but not required. Walk-ins are certainly welcome.

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