Prince and Princess Crowned

The Bellbrook Lioness Club crowned the new prince and princess during the 70th Annual Lions Club Festival. This year, three judges picked one exceptional boy and girl from seven boys and four girls. The children were interviewed for a chance to win a new 20’ Huffy bike and helmet as well as a spot in the parade. The lucky winners were Max Brugeggeman and Rory Hollis.

In conjunction with the festival, the Bellbrook Lion’s Club also helped celebrate the 200th birthday of Bellbrook by decorating the stage as a big birthday celebration. The club works hard each year to bring the community this contest by volunteering hours, phone calls, coordinating, and much more.

“This is the 34th Prince and Princess contest,” said Bellbrook Lioness Club’s chairperson Carolyn Cuzzort.

Emcee, Chief Doug Doherty not only entertained the children but kept the crowd entertained with questions for the children to answer- some more answers more entertaining than others. From each question to the next, each child’s personality brightened the stage. The three judges, Debbie Gross, Randy Pavlak and Faye Fetters had the honors of deciding the one boy and one boy that outshine the others and would represent the Bellbrook community during future events for the next year.

Winner, Max Brugeggeman told Chief Doherty that he also has a police uniform at home. “I tell people what their punishments are what they’ve done wrong. I tell them I’m a cop and they get a fine.” As he steps away, he went back to the chief and said, “I’m number 1 in boys.” This brought laughter to the crowd. Later in the program, Max noticed that the Chief was not going in order as the program indicated and returned to the stage to offer being the Chief’s assistant.

Before announcing the winner, Chief Doherty stood before all the participants. “You guys were all great and I had a wonderful time asking you questions and I look forward to seeing you at school. Study hard, listen to your parents, but always have fun.”

Damian Daskalakis and Lauren Fabrick, winners of the 2015 contest returned to crown the new winners, Max Brugeggeman and Rory Hollis.

Each contestant received a goody bag that included a t-shirt, hat, a free drink and a free carnival ride. The winners each received a brand new 20″ bicycle and a helmet and had the privilege of participating in the Bellbrook Lion’s Club parade Saturday afternoon.

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