Prayer in Government – when did this happen?

rosary-1211064_1920.jpgI always thought there was supposed to be a separation between religion and government. When did it happen that government officers are now taking a moment of silence and bowing heads in prayer before certain city meetings?

Yes, religion is a big part of some people’s lives – but not for everyone. Some don’t care and others just don’t believe. Some believe, but not in the same beliefs. So, in government and schools should prayer be allowed or expected?

Without creating one specific belief that suits everyone, why is it required or expected that everyone go along with the majority? Why should a Buddhist or a Jew bow their head in prayer for a Catholic prayer? Why should an Atheist pretend to pray or look awkward or feel compelled to pray when their belief is so different?

Isn’t the whole purpose of a government entity to be fair to all and look out for the best interest of the whole community and not only the ones that believe in the same spiritual ideas as the majority?

During a past city council meeting I attended, a moment of silence and a prayer used to be an event during times of horrific events in the world – like 9/11, the death of thousands due to a tornado or other life altering happenings. But, now, it’s the norm.

We are a community made up of Chinese, Hispanics, mixed races, caucasians, blacks, Russians, Europeans, Communists, Middle Easterners, and many more. To say that one religion or faith covers them all is crazy.

Shouldn’t religion be separate again, as intended to begin with? This has nothing to do with Christ and Christmas, Hanukkah or the celebration of other religious holidays- which all should be allowed to celebrate openly and peacefully- but this is about government.

“We give thanks for another day to serve our community. Though our attention is frequently drawn to national and state issues, there is work to be done in our own city. Please give us the wisdom to judiciously and balancing your interests and help us execute our minds and judgment with openness and clarity. Bless us this day and everyday and may all that is done be for your glory and honor- amen,” said the city official during the opening of the city council meeting.

What are your thoughts?




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