Don’t forget the pooch when shopping this holiday season


I know, I know…. Nobody wants to think about the holidays just yet. It’s not even Halloween yet. But, gosh, it will be here before we know it.

Before you get all stressed out about what you’re going to get the kids, spouse, significant other, those picky family members and others, think about the one that is always there for you- the one who is always excited to see you come home and always eager to spend time with you – your pooch.


Give your best friend the special treat of Bil-Jac. Whether it be dry or frozen dog food or the wide selection of treats it offers, you are sure to find the perfect gift for your puppy or dog.

For this holiday season, Bil-Jac is offering SPECIAL EDITION Caramel Apple Flavored treats.

Since the early 1940’s two brothers joined resources after their service in World War II. Bill and Jack Kelly returned to their hometown of Medina, Ohio and decided to form a business of their own instead of seeking employment from another. So, they decided to make premium pet food.

“My dad realized that there was an awful lot that could be done in the area of pet nutrition – namely with dogs and cats,” said Bob Kelly, current president of Bil-Jac Foods and son of co-founder Bill Kelly. “He thought a great improvement could be made in what was being offered to the consumer.”

The brothers made the food out of only real meat sources and took pride in its ability to be frozen to ensure freshness. Now, nearly 30 years later, Bil-Jac still offers the best in pet foods and treats.


Look for the SPECIAL EDITION Caramel Apple Flavored treats at your local pet store and get your pet’s taste buds excited for the holiday.

Isn’t that what your pet deserves?


**From Bil-Jac’s website:
About the brand: Bil-Jac, offers a full line of nutritional super premium dog foods and treats, and is committed to feeding dogs at every stage of life, which makes Bil-Jac the one complete dog food that is for all dogs, throughout their entire life. Your dog’s food and health is not only our business – it’s our passion. More real chicken meat is put into every bag. In fact, 12 lbs. of real chicken is used to make a 15 lb. bag of Bil-Jac Super Premium Dog Food. Bil-Jac Treats offer a treat alternative in a smaller size convenient for dog training or rewarding smaller dogs. Furthermore, Bil-Jac provides resources for puppies in training, health tips, puppy food and answers to dog related questions for owners.




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