How do you wipe?


“You wipe from the back to the front?”

That’s what I was asked recently after sharing the restroom with an “unnamed” person.

That got me thinking…. Am I doing it wrong?

This isn’t something that a person takes a course on or watches videos about. But, where do we learn to do such things? Is it the mother’s job to show daughters how to wipe after #1 and #2? Do we all do it the same? Do boys and girls do it the same?

Well, after doing some research- the way everyone does now – the internet, I’ve learned that it’s really a matter of preference. It was once said that wiping back to front was the only way to keep from getting urinary infections and to keep from contaminating the “front parts” with feces. But, that’s something that hasn’t been scientifically proven.

But, something I did learn that was really surprising was that’s it seems to be a popular thing for gals to NOT WIPE at all- drip dry in the panties. REALLY! It’s mostly noted internationally. But, most trends that start in lands far away usually tend to come this way eventually. I hope this isn’t one of them. If so, I won’t be partaking.

How do you do it?




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