The Pumpkin Show had a cold ending

The Pumpkin Show in Circleville, OH ended on a cold note this past Saturday. It was a pumpkin lovers dream- but not a crafter or homemade items dream.

I was told this festival was better than the Sauerkraut Festival – larger and better. But, I was sadly disappointed.

20161022_143828First, the traffic was crazy. See above. I think the traffic was spread out for at least two miles – taking over one to two hours to get to the center of Circleville. Cars were parked along the main roads, off ramps, etc. created a dangerous situation with frustrated drives going everywhere they wanted.

Once able to park, the festival’s attractions mainly contained lots and lots of fair food trucks, “Made in China” booths, and an endless amount of pumpkins of all kinds, shapes, and colors. It also had festival rides for kids and adults – which were so overpriced I don’t know how families could afford to let kids ride them, especially if they had more than one.

Pumpkin products were not hard to find- there was something pumpkin on every corner. From pumpkin waffles, pumpkin fudge, brownies and pumpkin rolls, it was easy to find. Local churches offered pumpkin pies, pumpkin chili, breads, cakes, pies and more. If you didn’t first think pumpkin couldn’t be added to something, just think again. I’m sure it could have been found at this festival.

If you are looking for a wide variety of festival or fair food trucks and lots of pumpkin variety, then this is the festival for you. If you are looking for arts and crafts, beautiful handmade items, then don’t waste your time coming to this festival because you will be more than disappointment and may even leave frustrated from the heavy traffic and crowd.


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