Ready for gift giving season?


Give the gift of Graeter’s Ice Cream this season.

Starting your Christmas shopping sometimes isn’t always so easy. The stress of what to get, what to buy, can sometimes become overwhelming. But, this year, Graeter’s Ice Cream can make it simple and bring the local taste of Dayton to anywhere in the United States.

I used to hate when people would start talking about Christmas before Thanksgiving. I wanted to savor each holiday as long as possible before even thinking about the next. But, now that I’m older and responsible for purchasing gifts for the entire family, extended family, co-workers, etc. starting early is becoming the next best thing. To help myself feel better about this early shopping, I tell myself that I can’t enjoy myself doing the shopping until after Thanksgiving.

Did you know that you can ship one of America’s best ice creams to your friends and family? Yes, that’s right. You can order their favorite flavors by ordering online anytime of the day in the comfort of your own home. It’s especially nice for family that has moved away or homesick students away from college.

Shop online to order unusual ice cream flavors such as cheese crown, coconut, Bourbon pecan chocolate chip, Oregon strawberry and much more. Not only can ice cream be ordered and mailed to family and friends but so can sorbet, low glycemic ice cream, dessert sauces, fine candies, gift cards, ice cream sandwiches, and Graeter’s merchandise.

Graeter’s knows ice cream and what makes it great. It’s been proven during their 145 years of business. The company has survived the roaring 20’s, The Great Depression, World War II, and the Cold War. It’s been passed from family member to family member. It’s one of the oldest family owned and operated companies in Ohio. It’s expanded in size and popularity. Now operating in not only Ohio but now in Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. Finding your favorite flavor couldn’t be easier.

To learn more about this popular ice cream and its company, schedule a tour of its main facility in Cincinnati. During the tour, learn the process of ice cream making, taste samples and learn of the newest flavors that will be surfacing. It’s a great learning experience.

(**From Graeter’s company profile)

About the brand: Our perfection of the traditional French Pot process is the true magic behind the making of Graeter’s, the world’s finest ice cream. By creating just two gallons at a time, Graeter’s achieves an irresistible creaminess that’s completely unlike any other ice cream.

We start by using only the finest ingredients, such as: fresh cream and milk from Ohio farms that pledge not to use any artificial growth hormones; 100% cane sugar; egg custard; gourmet chocolate for our signature chocolate chips.

Our custard and flavor bases are VAT-pasteurized to develop the best possible flavor profile. The highest quality all natural ingredients and flavorings are then added to be frozen into 2-gallon batches of ice cream.

Small-batch freezing is what separates Graeter’s from other ice cream manufacturers. We use 2-gallon French Pot freezers, a technology that’s been around for over a century, but long since abandoned and forgotten by the commercial ice cream industry.

Our small batches are then hand-swirled by our dedicated artisans in 2-gallon French Pots. Each 2-gallon batch of ice cream is slowly frozen, resulting in a rich, creamy texture. Lastly, to get the ice cream into a pint we use one of the most sophisticated pieces of equipment available – a big spoon. On an average day we hand-pack nearly 20,000 pints!

At Graeter’s we’re committed to bringing you the finest, creamiest, most deliciously indulgent ice cream in the world. It’s why we use only the highest quality ingredients in everything we make. Graeter’s is famous for the massive chunks of gourmet chocolate found in our signature chip flavors. We create these unique chips by pouring our own specially prepared liquid chocolate into the French Pot just as the ice cream is finishing. The result is nothing short of spectacular, velvety smooth chunks of sweet chocolate in every bite.

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