REVIEW: Synergy Health & Vitality Center

Synergy Health & Vitality Center
255 N. Main Street
Springboro, OH 45066
(937) 748-8770

I wasn’t going to write a review yet because I haven’t really made up my mind yet if I like this place or not. First impressions mean a lot to me and if I left it at that I wouldn’t have even given this place one star. But, the more I go, the better my experience.

I have a tendency to question a lot of doctors, especially ones with methods I may not really agree with. Synergy Chiropractic is a health vitality center, which means that not only do they provide chiropractic care and treatment but also nutritions, acupuncture, weight loss information and other tips on how to make a person feel “back to normal.”

In the initial consultation, I felt like I was being quizzed and a little brainwashed into them making me think they way they think and see their way of thinking as the only right way instead of them taking the time to explain their theories and then proving their theory over time as I actually see and feel the results. To tell the truth, I believe a chiropractor should only be a chiropractor. Don’t act like you are a nutritionists or a weight loss consultant when in reality, your a doctor of chiropractic. Inside the office there are displays of bottles and bottles of different vitamins, supplements, protein shakes and more. All I could think about is, “how much are they going to try to get out of me?” I’m still waiting on that.

Anyway, I have Lupus which has caused years of low back, hip, knee, arm, and foot pain. I have trouble with headaches, hand pain – especially my fingers. I’ve tried rounds and rounds of physical therapy, water therapy, injections, medication, medical message, alternative medicine and treatments, to no avail. So, to say that chiropractic treatment was my last resort- I’m not joking.

Chiropractor, Zimmer is who I see. He is very nice and has magical hands. But, he likes to “lecture” and over explain issues and loves to button his shirt all the way up. One day, I might have to ask him to unbutton it. It just looks very uncomfortable. But joking aside, he is very thorough.

All in all, I’ve been going there for about three weeks and really have only experienced a little bit of pain relief. Although, Zimmer did say that it would take about 6 weeks for me to feel better. I’m going three times a week, which is also putting a damper on the old pocket book to where I might have to re-examine my options. Thankfully, the office does run the visits through my health insurance, leaving me to pay for the co-pays each visit.

The hours are flexible, allowing me to visit before or after work with ease. The appointments are usually around 15 minutes – so even making a lunchtime appointment is doable if working near the office.

All-in-all, as of right now, I’d say it’s a fair place to go.

Have you tried this place or other chiropractic locations? Let me know your thoughts on chiropractic care and the experiences you’ve had in the past. 


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