Reinventing the river

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Today, at the time of this posting, it’s November 5 and it’s 69 degrees. The fall leaves are brilliantly, bright and there is a bit of chill in the air. But, not enough to stop these two kayakers from enjoying the pleasures of the day.


Dayton has been working hard on creating a new image for the younger generation. All over Dayton, evidence of new building, new revitalization surrounds every corner of the city. So, it makes sense to include the waterway that creates the foundation of the valley. Riverscape has brought about thousands of families, couples, and every kind of persons to the city through it’s festivals, live bands, and park programs in the past ten years than previous decades. The creation of the new River Run project steps Dayton from the old to a new energized lifestyle geared to bring the young, athletic and anything but the couch to the park.

The River Run will be completed soon for all to enjoy. So, don’t let the cooler weather stop an active lifestyle, just get out there and do something. Downtown now offers places to walk, bike, ride and now boating.

Now, all it needs is a streetcar like Cincinnati!

Well, one day.

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