Hard to be in Xmas spirit

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It’s hard to be in the Christmas spirit in Ohio when it’s 50 degrees out- even 45 on some evenings. But, it’s that time of year when Christmas celebrations are happening. I remember a couple of years ago, during the Springboro Christmas celebration, it was freezing, cold, windy and snowing. This year, it was sandal weather. Same with this year’s Christmas in the Village in Waynesville.

Some parts of the country, like Florida, Nevada, Texas, etc. are used to it being warm for the holidays. But, here in Ohio and northern states, we are expecting to be bundled up with a warm coat, hat, gloves and being welcomed by snow and wind when stepping outside. When visiting the holiday celebrations, we want to be comforted by hot chocolate and warmed tents.

This year, streets were lined with candles, trees were tangled with twinkling lights, and carolers roamed from store to store singing the contagious tunes of the Christmas holiday. But, the best part of the event is that the shops were open and hopping later than usual. From Friday night to Sunday, stores offered holiday specials to customers and provided snacks and beverages as a way of saying thank you.

Waynesville is a charming piece of history- which is why it’s a great place to experience a walk back to a Christmas of the past.


What is your fondness memory of your hometown’s Christmas celebration?

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