What does Christmas mean to you?


This is the time of year when people are a little happier, nicer and tend to be more giving. But, what does Christmas mean to you? Has the meaning changed for you over the years?


When we are young, the meaning of Christmas seems to get lost in the wish for toys, games, Santa, and Christmas stories and cookies. I remember when I was little being so excited on our way home from my grandma’s house on Christmas Eve and looking up at the sky through the window of the family station wagon and looking for even a glimmer of Santa and Rudolph flying high above. When we got home, my sisters and I rushed upstairs to our beds as our mom told us to hurry to sleep because Santa wouldn’t come if we were awake. Then, at 5 in the morning, we would rush downstairs and see all the presents piled high around the Christmas tree, our stockings filled to the brim and the plate of cookies we left for Santa was empty. It was so exciting.

But, now, I’m grown. Our kids are grown. The Christmas season now has a different meaning.

How has it changed for you?

What makes the Christmas season meaningful for you and your family?


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