Bond before training with


Owning a puppy or a dog is a huge responsibility. It’s just like having a baby. So, when thinking of training your little baby, getting to know it is more important than the training itself, according to TV Host and Professional Animal Trainer Joel Silverman and Bil-Jac.

Silverman offers an informational 2 minute video that speaks about the importance of a bond between your puppy and the benefits of same. Building trust is important, which comes after being the bond. Take time to find out what makes your puppy tick. What do they like? What gets them excited? What are the puppy’s dislikes? These are important things to know when getting ready to teach them new tricks and behaviors.


When rewarding your puppy and showing appreciation, invest in Bil-Jac treats. They are designed to be small, soft, tender treats that they are guaranteed to love. I know, personally, my dog loves them. I swear she can smell them coming into the house and gets  so excited. My cat even loves them.


They come in many different flavors and shapes making it possible for endless possibilities to provide your pet with variety. They are easy to stick in pockets to take to the dog park or walks. Never leave home without them when you have the puppy in tow.

Bil-Jac offers more than just nutritious foods and snacks for your lovable puppy or dog, they also offer tips and ideas on how to keep your pet happy, healthy and beautiful with their cleverly designed website. The website offers a blog that contains articles about raising a healthy puppy, health and nutrition, doggie dangers and much more. The website also has helpful videos and information on how to keep the skin and coat healthy, reduce fat in your pet’s diet, heart-warming rescue stories, and other information. It’s a great place to get all your pet questions answered.

Purchase Bil-Jac foods and treats at the following locations:

Pet Supplies in Centerville
Petsmart in Sugarcreek
Pet Value (Formally Jack’s Aquarium & Pets) in Dayton

Welcome Bil-Jac in your life to ensure your pet’s happiness.


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