REVIEW: Margaritaville Cincinnati- does it meet your standards?


I’ve read through some of the reviews and am sort of confused. My husband comes to the casino at least once a month and once in awhile, I tag along. The problem is that I’m not a gambler and really have no interest in any of it. So, why come? I love to people watch and write. I sit at Starbucks or visit Margaritaville. I get something to eat, sit for hours and they don’t even give me a hard time or ask me to leave. My husband plays poker, so a game can last most of the day.

The thing I love about Margaritaville is it’s energy. I love it’s “Vacation” feel and tropical motif. For a couple hours, on a Sunday afternoon, I can step away from real life and be off in my own world- and with headphones- I’m in my own world. And that says something for a mom, wife, daughter, sister, employer and so on and so forth – because a woman is not just one or the other – we are all, all the time.


I visited Margaritaville today and happened to be writing a Yelp review for a different place. The waiter asked if I was writing a review about my hamburger, which I was currently eating, and I said no. He told me about how bad the reviews were on Yelp about this place and how people only report the bad things that happen. It’s said that out of an average of 50 satisfied customers, one will have a bad experience- for a number of reasons. But, sadly, the only opinion that seems to get attention is that one and only.

The sad thing is, that people take things for granted. We take for granted that there will always be food. We take for granted that someone will be around to cook it for us, serve us, clean up after us and so on. But, lately, what I’ve been seeing is people who want to complain to get a free meal. People that bounce without paying bills, and people doing things to detour business, then complain when the business goes belly up.


The point is, businesses always strive to be the best. They need to make money. They want to make people happy. They want to be a big part of society. They create jobs and keep vendors in business. Without these aspects of business, they cease to exit. Then, it’s our loss.

Margaritaville of Cincinnati is located inside the Jack’s Casino and the whole establishment caters to the public. They have delicious foods. They have a great atmosphere. They provide live music, offers great service, and a great time. What can be better than that.

So, if you have something nice to say- speak up! Yelp what you think.


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