Yoga with a twist of new energy

New technique available at one of my favorite places:

Remedy Wellness
Owner: Sheri Glackin
14 Remick Blvd #101
Springboro, OH 45066

***From her advertisement: 

Zyto Biofeedback Testing

Helping you reach optimum health
without the guess work

Our bodies have an innate wisdom, usually knowing what it needs to be in balance. However, we tend not to listen to it or ignore the signs and symptoms. Zyto technology uses Galvanic skin response testing to ask your body questions via the nervous system. It can detect subtle changes that cannot be detected with a normal examination. This process is called biocommunication and it represents the latest in health care technology.

The Zyto technology sends virtual stimuli into your body that represents an energetic frequency and then reads the positive or negative response your body has to that stimulus. It can help to determine what organs and glands are under stress and what balancers might be therapeutic for that particular stressor.

It takes the guess work out of what supplements, tests or services you need enjoy better health and healing. Scans can be retaken in the future to see how your body is responding to the recommendations and adjust accordingly .
We have done a month of testing on clients and family and have had some great results!

Call to schedule your scan today or to ask any questions about our new service!

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