Therapist brings new technique to the area for patients experiencing pain


One South African physical therapist is steering a new path for treatment and has expanded his practice to the Beavercreek area. Greg Mackenzie, owner and physical therapist of Xcel Sports Medicine, Hands-On Physical Therapy opened his third location at 3878 Indian Ripple Road. His practice is one of the few qualified facility in the Dayton area to offer a technique called ASTYM (A-stim). It’s a non-invasive process that helps break down the scar tissue and rejuvenate muscles, tendons and ligaments. Also, he has lead the way to acceptance of utilizing dry needling procedures that help patients with chronic pain.

“We’re trying to just get the word out that we’re in Beavercreek. I don’t think many people know that we’re here,” Xcel Sports Medicine Practice Manager, Erin Barlow said.  The location is nestled in the back of a shopping center across the street from the Speedway and Cassano’s Pizza.

Mackenzie was born in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa and raised on a farm in the midlands of Natal. After graduating from Hilton College, receiving his Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy at University of Stellenbosh, and earning his Masters of Sports Science at the University of Natal, he began his career as a physical therapist. He practiced in many clinics and medical facilities for 14 years, learning the hands-on approach.  According to his curriculum vitae, he has owned and operated a Sports Medicine clinic, Kings Park Sports Medicine Centre in South Africa for 14 years. He also spent years as the official physical therapist and trainer for the Natal Sharks Rugby team and the international Springbok Sevens Rugby team. He developed a deep understanding and strong skills in orthopedic manual and sports physical therapy techniques.

“In the British countries, physical therapy is all about your hands. It’s about the use of your hands to aide and assist the tissue healing. In general, American physical therapy is more about exercise prescription rather than trying to fix the problem and ultimately that’s why this facility exist,” Mackenzie said. “I wanted to do something to help the tendon or the muscle to get better and improve it so it doesn’t fail again.”

He started working in Dayton area facilities and quickly noticed the difference in the training and treatment techniques. He decided to open his own facility so he could help people the way he believes helps most. At one time, he was working in one of the local hospitals and wanted to use a procedure that was very popular in South Africa called dry needling. His supervisor said that he absolutely couldn’t perform the procedure. He said, “but it works.” After that, his journey began. Now, dry needling is mainstreaming and gaining popularity with patients of chronic pain.


Under the supervision and training of Mackenzie, his staff has acquired his techniques and they share the passion of their unique brand of physical therapy. The practice is privately owned and operated by Mackenzie. It’s not controlled by any insurance companies, medical groups or doctor’s groups. Xcel does not require doctor referrals or prescriptions and the treatment is covered by most insurance companies.

“Our goal in the treatment of our patients is to restore them to their optimal state in the shortest time possible, in such a way that they no longer need our services. We aim to improve our patients’ quality of life and, if possible, prevent a recurrence of the issues that brought them to us initially,” Mackenzie said.

Xcel physical therapists treat patients with sport and accident injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation, neurological disorders including Parkinson’s Disease, orthopedic issues, and many other issues. It also offers fitness and wellness training, including sports performance training, nutrition counseling, delay to disease exercise programs, senior fitness and other special programs.

In the Beavercreek location, Mackenzie’s wife teaches Pilates at this Xcel location. Her company, Peak Personal Pilates will be hosting an Open House and workshop to explain the benefits of Pilates and introductory Mat class by Celeste Mackenzie. The Open House is scheduled for Saturday, February 25, 2017 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. For questions regarding the Pilates open house, contact Celeste Mackenzie at (937) 669-2441 or visit the website at

“Our brand is about being straight and honest with people. If I really don’t think our facility will be able to help you, I’m going to refer you to someone that I know can. If we aren’t getting you better, we’re going to work really hard to find someone that will.” Mackenzie said. “I’m never going to claim that my approach is the best. I’d rather earn the reputation.”

“If you have an injury, this is a different approach. If it hasn’t worked with traditional physical therapy, give it a go. We aren’t owned by a hospital, clinic group or a doctor, which is rather unusual. Just try it once. We’ll do the best we can.” he said.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (937) 702-9735 or visit the website at

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