Food Review: Chuy’s Mexican food



I’ll be honest. When I first visited Chuy’s I was not a fan- not at all. I visited this location when it first came to the area. My husband and I waited three weeks just to be able to get in the door without having to wait hours for a seat. We had bad food and bad service and I told myself I would never be back. That was over a year ago.

But, recently, I met some friends for dinner and they wanted to go there. I told myself I was just going to meet friends and that was it. I didn’t know I was going to fall in love with the place. We had a great waiter, who was funny, charming and very helpful (Maybe it helped that the girls I were with are great looking.)

The minute I bit into the tortilla chips with the white dip (Ranch and jalapeño) I was hooked. The chips are thin, crisp, warm and delicious. The salsa is great but the ranch dressing concoction was refreshing.

The decor is everything that paints a happy time. It’s bright, cheery and has the feel of a vacation destination. With the bright walls, vintage-style tables and chairs, art-deco paintings, fancy lights throughout, a smile is hard to hide in this place.

The food smelled delicious and tasted better- more food than what was needed – but, delicious.

We couldn’t have made a better choice in restaurants. I even took my husband and daughter back the next day!

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