Cincinnati Union Terminal Museum

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One of the oldest museums in Cincinnati– something to not miss out on.

Renovations are still underway. Make sure to call them to find out which exhibits are interrupted by the construction before making your plans.

Architecturally, this place is amazing. It was the first time I’ve ever visited the museum. Unfortunately, I happened to visit during the renovation of the train terminal- the reason for my visit- and was not able to see it. Also, as part of the renovation, many and most of the exhibits were missing and redirected. Not only was this the case, there were no signs indicating the restrictive nature of the visit, but payment was the same either way.

But, we were able to watch an IMAX movie and visit the exhibit that was set up like a shipping town. That was really neat.

Aside from the exhibits, just being in the presence of such a beautiful place was breathtaking. Buildings aren’t built like this anymore.

I plan on going back when all the exhibits are open again. I can’t wait to see the train terminal.

**Share your experiences with this museum. 

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