Hyde’s restaurant still has what it takes


A friend and I attended an event at the Butler County Fairgrounds and when asking where we could go to get a good meal – we were told, hands down, to go to Hyde’s Restaurant. So, less than 5 minutes from the fairgrounds, we found a little hole in the wall “diner” that we were unsure to even enter. But, we heard they had the best pie in town- so we were motivated to try.

There isn’t anything fancy about this place. It’s a place stuff in the past but is clean and welcoming. The staff is friendly and helpful and seem to genuinely like each other- making for a great environment.

I ordered the mixed berry cobbler and my friend the cherry pie. Each came to the table warm, gooey and was utterly delicious. Many restaurants cut corners and have a lot of crust and no filing, but Hyde’s pies only bring the greatest in quality and quantity. It was delicious.

As we waited for our pies, we paid attention to the other dishes that were being served- chicken pot pie, beef and noodles, mac & cheese, soups, salads, fried chicken. Heart healthy? Probably not. Comfort food? Yes.

The prices were reasonable and the atmosphere was comfortable and quiet. Televisions were visible but not the focal point.

I can’t wait to go back to try something else. Even if it is about 45 minutes from my house, it’ll be a great “half-way” destination for a Sunday drive.

** Try to park on the side of the building and NOT on S. Erie Hwy. It’s very dangerous when leaving. There isn’t any kind of buffer from the parking lot to the oncoming traffic.

Let me know what you think! I’d love to hear from you.

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