Green in the Grass gets published


This past October, marked the beginning of something special for Denise (Ash) Jones, a 1984 Beavercreek graduate. Her new children’s book, The Green in the Grass, was published and made available for purchase. This 32-page book about colors helps young children learn to read and distinguish between the most brilliant colors the world offers. With the help of her daughter, Miranda Jones and her brilliant photography skills, the book came together better than she had imagined.

“The book is simple enough that a young child can read on their own,” Jones said. “It’s based on a song that I created and sang to Miranda when she was very young. We’d take long walks down our country road and I’d sing this song to her about the colors we’d see.”

For the past ten years, Jones has been wanting to write and produce this book, but life took hold and time seemed to slip by. Now that her daughter is 22-years-old, she thought this would be a great time to start. So together, they took each other’s talents and created a unique and special children’s book that held fond memories for each.

After high school, Jones moved to Indiana in 1993. She attended and graduated from Ball State University with a Masters in special education and has been a teacher in the Richmond Community Schools for the past thirteen years.

“People who have purchased the book have commented on how beautiful the photos are,” Jones said.  “The best part was reliving the memory of walking with my daughter when she was young and singing the song to her. And then to collaborate together, sitting at the computer deciding how to arrange the book, what photos to use, how to word the text exactly-that was thrilling.”

The Green in the Grass is self-published through a company called, Kids at Heart Publishing in Cambridge City, Indiana. Jones had the help of the owner and publisher, Shelley Davis.

“In October of 2015, I met Shelley at a local craft fair and she encouraged me to come by and talk to her about the book idea. After speaking with her, that’s how it got serious. I arranged the text, Miranda arranged the photos, and Shelley made the rest happen,” Jones said.

Although, Jones doesn’t have any upcoming promotional events for The Green in the Grass, she does have some ideas for what she would like to do with the book. She said that she would like to go to daycare facilities, parent groups, preschools, and read her book and have the participants engage in activities related to the book. She would also like to talk about parenting and literacy.

Even though the book is most appropriate for children between ages two to seven, adults can enjoy it as well. Jones wanted the book to be an experience for children and their parents to share, to spend time together reading and building those bonding moments.

“I read to my daughter before she was even born and she’s loved reading since she was young. We’re both still avid readers. It’s my dream that this book will someday make it to all parts of the world so children in different countries can look at the blue sky and realize that the blue sky they see is the same blue sky a child somewhere far away is seeing and it’s God’s way of saying that he made these beautiful colors just for them and he loves them,” Jones said.

Green in the Grass is available on the Kids at Heart Publishing website or by contacting them at (765) 478-5773. Copies can also be ordered by emailing Jones at

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