These knife skills will shock you.


20170329_203945Wow, had a great night learning some new cutting skills at the Findlay Kitchen tonight with Tablespoon Cooking Co. during the Essential Knife Skills class.

Jordan Hamons and her team, Marcus and Tim teamed up and started Tablespoon Cooking Co., offering cooking classes and culinary skill classes in August 2016 and have been running strong since. In addition to the classes offered, Jordan also offers private classes for such events like business team building, birthdays, wedding and baby showers, or any type of special events.

Jordan came up with the idea of Tablespoon Cooking Co., a non-profit organization, after years of trying to find her niche out in the world. After completing a business degree at University of Cincinnati, she decided to get her culinary degree from Cincinnati State, where she met Marcus. After graduation, she began working as a corporate chef in a local insurance firm, where she met Tim, and continued working there for about 2 1/2 years. In the meantime, she taught cooking classes in businesses such as Jungle Jim’s and other locations. But, when she heard of the Findlay Kitchen, a shared kitchen, she knew it was the perfect place for her to begin her new career. WISE CHOICE!

This shared kitchen idea has been taking off around the world and is a great place for resources and help when thinking of starting your own catering business, restaurant, or maybe even marketing or packaging your own creation— sauces, dips, or anything. So, making this Jordan’s home base for cooking classes or demonstrations, it’s perfect. There is plenty of room, it’s hip and modern, warm and welcoming.

The kitchen is right across the street from the Findlay Market, which allows for ample parking. The best part is, there is free parking after 6 p.m. right outside the door, making it convenient and safe. No worries there.

During this class, Jordan goes through the importance of having good quality knives. To be honest, I thought just having a sharp knife was all that was important. But, during the event, we were able to try different styles, shapes, and sizes of knives and now I can admit that I was so wrong. Not only is sharpness important, but also the anatomy of the knife. I didn’t know there was so many variations of knives- and so many variations in prices. I never could have imagined that the knife I particularly loved was on an average of $250 (for just one knife!) But, if I had the extra money – it would be so worth it. It was like Heaven between my fingers.

Not only was I wrong about the most important aspect of a good knife, being a sharp knife wasn’t even the most important. It’s the HOLDING of the knife that is the most important. “If you leave her tonight only have learned one thing, it will be how to properly hold a knife,” owner and founder of Tablespoon Cooking Co., Jordan Hamons said. And I believe I did. What a different it makes. No more chopper for me in the future. With the new techniques I learned through this class, I know now, it’s faster and cleaner to cut up that onion yourself.

Thank you Jordan, Marcus and Tim for showing this non-kitchen girl how to make a difference in the kitchen. I look forward to taking another class in the future.

Upcoming classes: 

4/20: Essential Knife Skills

4/25: Easy Weekend Pasta

5/3: Weeknight Chicken Dinner

5/9: Too Much Sauce: Sauce Workshop

5/16: Biscuits & Gravy Workshop

5/23: Meatball Workshop

**All classes (except the Essential Knife Skills class) include beer and wine. Food that is made during class is available for consumption and to take home. Prices vary and can be found on the website.

View the complete website, along with the full class schedule at

Address: 1719 Elm Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202.


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