New ride but new thrill?


Get ready for another summer of fun, rides, adventure and shows during this season at Kings Island, opening April 15.

Everyone in the Midwest probably has memories of spending the summer or possibly a vacation at Kings Island. Spending the morning jumping from ride to ride trying to warm up from the cool, crisp air, then spending the rest of the day trying to cool off and stay out of the hot sun while taking advantage of all the water rides. When I was younger, the water park at Kings Island wasn’t even a twinkle in the creator’s eye. Nope, we had to take advantage of the log rides– that was about as exciting as it got as far as water.

As far as rides, there were still plenty- some that aren’t even around any longer- like the Bat, King Cobra, the sky view bucket rides, the train rides through the “safari”, and many more.

But, now, Kings Island adds rides and attractions every year- making each visit as fresh and exciting as possible.

So, with the 2017 season quickly approaching- what is going to be new this year? Mystic Timber Roller Coaster!

This year, a new wooden roller coaster will be making it’s grand appearance for roller coaster thrill seekers to take a gander. This ride looks and feels very similar to the original Beast roller coaster, minus the exciting plunge of the first dip. Mystic Timber will not have a plunge or even a huge dip. As a matter of fact, it will be a great ride for the kids or someone who is scared of a traditional roller coaster. There are no dips, flips or sudden changes in altitude. Just twists, turns and a wooden tunnel, just like the beast – only straight through.

“Mystic Timbers is naturally exciting because of its setting in a densely wooded area,” Kings Island’s vice-president and general manager Greg Scheid said. “The natural rugged terrain and tunnel ensures a unique and memorable ride experience.”

The ride gets up to 53 miles per hour, lasts about 2 minutes and has one of the largest track miles of any other roller coaster. It will hold 24 riders in each train/car and there will be 3 train/cars available during the busiest part of the day.


The idea of Mystic Timbers came from a story of a logging company that was trying to clear out acres of timber before the trees became overrun by a mysterious stain of vines, causing the timber company to pull out of the project. Good story, but it doesn’t lead to a scary, adventurous experience. Looks fun but nothing life-altering.

Take a virtual tour on Kings Island’s website for a quick preview of what is to be expected. Let me know your thoughts.

Have a great summer.

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