Wish the World Day


It’s Make a Wish Day! (Actually April 29)

If you could wish for anything today, what would it be? Would you wish for love? Wish for wealth or better health? Would you wish for a new job, better financial situation, or shorter work weeks?

Whatever the wish, today is the day to wish your heart out.


Remember being a child, running through open fields playing catch and grabbing dandelions- white and fluffy. Blow the steams off to make your wish come true. Running from each weed to the next, blowing the white ends into the air, thinking everything you wished would eventually happen. Wouldn’t it have been nice if it really had worked?

If so, I would have been living in a huge, lush, house with an indoor swimming pool, six bathrooms, twelve bedrooms and it would be shaped like an old, famous castle. I would be a veterinarian with four horses, twelve Jersey cows, pigs, sheep and four dogs. I would work from home and only the hours that I wanted and have enough money to travel the world whenever I wanted. My husband would be a very wealthy man who thought of me as his Queen. I would be beautiful, thin and tall. Yes, my life would be perfect.

You could wish upon a star – that was a big one too. Give wishes to a Jeannie- three, of course.


Even though my life hasn’t been perfect nor has it mirrored my childhood wishes, my life is pretty good. If I had to make a wish today, I won’t have anything to wish for. I guess that’s something to say.

What about you?



  1. Reblogged this on raynotbradbury and commented:
    Make a wish! 🙂
    My wishes as a child? Oh, don’t remember. I def dreamed about a new jacket, because I used to wear ‘grandmas’ lol. I was always very pragmatic:) all I remember, when I was 14 yo I told to my best friend: “I would like to know how I’ll look and where I’ll work when I’ll be 24yo!” 🙂


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