Win beef for a year: CONTEST


Keystone is the nations best selling canned meat company. They offer canned shredded chicken, beef, pork and even hamburger. But, the best thing about Keystone meats is that they are always looking for the next best creations that compliment their meats.

So, to celebrate the natural, lean cuts of canned meats, Keystone is holding a CONTEST that runs through May 31. It’s simple. Post your favorite BEEF recipes for a chance to WIN A YEAR supply of Keystone beef.

Submit as many recipes as you like – but be creative and post a ton of photos for the best presentation. There are three categories:

  • 5 Ingredients or less
  • Family Traditions
  • Lighter Meals

So, if it’s a casserole, beef tacos, soups or your own creation of deliciousness, share it with the world for a chance to win.

Check the website for all the details and contest rules. For Keystone Meats website, click here.

Good luck!

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