Spring cleaning time


It’s once a year – and it’s time. Spring cleaning is a time to renew your living space and rid it from all the winter blues and clutter. It’s time to shake out those rugs, wash the curtains, pick out the missed popcorn kernals from under the couch cushions and maybe, if you’re lucky, find your favorite pair of panties pushed far underneath the bed after that crazy wild night you had the past September.

But, after the purge of the closets, drawers, and other hidden places, what do you do with all the unwanted or unneeded stuff? Well, you can always try to sell some of it online to make a few bucks so you can purchase more crap that will go into the pile next year, or you can donate it. But, where?


Aside from giving the stuff to a friend or family, donating couldn’t be easier. Sometimes, it’s just calling a place that will pick it up or loading up the car and dropping it off to a donation center.

Here are some ideas for this area:

Amvets accepts donations of clothing, shoes, bedding, household items, including reuseable furniture. Call them and schedule an appointment and they will come to the house and pick it all up. Easy right?

Clothes that Work
This organization provides work attire to those looking for professional jobs. It’s a non-profit organization that not only provides clothing to working individuals but also image counseling and job training.

Goodwill locations are all over the area and have drop-off locations at many. They accept donations of just about anything from cars to socks. You can deliver the items in garage bags, if needed.

Once Upon a Child
Once Upon a Child buys and sells children’s clothes that are gently used and clean. They accept clothing, costumes, dance wear, furniture, outerwear, underwear and everything that kids use and need.

St. Mary Development 
the non-profit organization accepts donations of beds, dressers, tables and more that will assist seniors in furnishing their new digs as they venture into their new chapter in life. They also assist and work with St. Vincent de Paul.

So, get cleaning and donating to a cleaner living. 🙂

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