Military & Toy store moves and expands


One local toy store that started out as a web-based business has not only grown to a brick-and-mortar establishment in 2004, but has recently moved for expansion. MTS [Military Toy Shop] Toy & Hobby, a family owned business has moved around the corner to 1277 N. Fairfield Rd., on the other side of the cake shop from the previous location.

“The new shop is letting us stock more of what has made us successful, but also expand into other lines including metal toy soldiers, books, hobby supplies and more,” MTS Toy & Hobby Owner, Isaiah Jones said. “So far, the response to the new store has been great. We have much more room to display our products and to view them in a comfortable environment.”

Jones, his wife, Jennifer, their children, Hannah and Zac, and their family have always been involved in aviation. Jones’ mother and father learned to fly at a young age, transferring their love of flying to their son- especially aircraft models. In 1999, Mr. Jones and his father traveled to England to visit historical aviation sites and locations. They visited airshows and aviation shops and came up with the idea of their own business.


With an idea in his head and with the help of his family and friends, Jones began his adventure as a web-based model and traveled the country selling items at airshows and other events promoting their business. They operated out of a small warehouse until 2009, when they opened their original location, just doors down from the current in the Fairfield Plaza.

“The original retail location was 950 square feel and was great, but by mid-2016, we realized we needed a bigger store,” Jones said. “Our new location, in the same shopping center, is just over 3,000 square feet.”

MTS is known for their high quality, limited edition, pre-finished models of die-cast aircraft models. They are also known for their model kits, model rockets, kid’s playsets, and military themed Cobi Building Blocks. They are considered the largest walk-in retail store that specializes in aviation and military collectibles. They also offer exclusive lines of handmade metal aircraft models from England. Also, they are not exclusive to aviation and military items, but also hold a large line of Star Wars collectibles, toys and other largely sought items.

“What makes this shop really special is the friendships and relationships its created for us. Not only do I consider my customers some of my best friends, but many of my customers have great friendships with others,” Jones said. “When we moved the shop to the new location, our customers did a major amount of the moving, painting, and renovations. Our shop family is great and definitely my favorite part of the shop.”

Just because this toy and hobby shops has new walls, old traditions still hold. A popular event – Aviation Themed signings will continue. This is a time where a veteran with historical significance that served with the Air Force, Navy, Army or Marines visits the shop and conducts a question and answer session, shakes hands and signs books, models, and/or posters. Look for a new event soon.

For more information, visit the website at or contact the shop at (937) 320-1428.


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