Say a four letter word once in awhile


Most people have New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, eat better, get more exercise or just be a better person. But this year, my resolution was a little different. I wanted to say the “F” word more. Yes, the “F” word.

I decided that since I would be 45 years old this year, I  was just going to start saying what was already in my head. And, for the most part, I’ve been able to keep to it. So, for those of you that wanted to work out more and have already quit, vow to eat better and are already eating Big Macs for snacks or whatever – Fuck it! Boy, that felt good, didn’t it.

Maybe “fuck” isn’t the word for you. I can think of some other choice words that I use when frustrated, irritated, annoyed, etc. like shit, asshole, or dammit. It all works the same.


The good news is that a recent study says swearing might actually be good for people. A Stanford University study found that people that curse have a higher pain tolerance and are more honest about their feelings and situations.

The study states, “Facebook users who peppered their status with profanity measured higher on the honesty-rating scales, and the authors found similar results with real-life cussers.”


So, when you have clients calling you on a daily basis to hear the same thing that you told them yesterday – just say – Fuck it! When the boss says, do this- do that- Fuck it! When a car turns in front of you- Fuck it! But, when the kids are driving you crazy- maybe you should scream it only in your head.

What is your favorite curse word? You know you have one.

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