Hippies required

20170521_113451Mellow Mushroom
9238 Floer Dr.
West Chester Township, OH 45069

I love this place.

I try to visit every time I’m in town. From the moment you walk through the door until you leave, the 60’s and 70’s come to life within the four walls of Mellow Mushroom. From the decor to the employees that are hired, being a hippy is okay here. I love the names of the menus items and the suggestion of getting high is acceptable. I don’t know how I would feel if my children felt the same way, but I don’t have little ones, but if I did, we may have to go home and watch documentaries about hippies and the times of that era. Even though I wasn’t born until after this time, I’m still a hippy at heart and am all for the craziness of the times.

The pizza and salads are so delicious, fresh and also perfect. They also offer healthy choices that other pizza places don’t. For instance, get some apple slices with your pie, broccoli with your sandwich instead of fries, and much more. If you have a spouse that likes lots and lots of meat, like mine, but you despise meat, no problem. Just ask for one pizza and ask for a half and half pizza- that way, each of you get what you love without having to buy two pies.


Mellow Mushroom also offers a full bar with mixed drinks, specialty beers- local and domestic- wine and much more. The whole restaurant offers a large selection of televisions. From sporting events to family selections, families and sports lovers can all love the food while watching their own television selections.

The waiter staff has always been very bubbly and knowledgable of the menu items and are always willing to help make decisions easy.

A small pizza is plenty to feed two people. Portions of the salads are large and definitely enough to fill your belly. Kids meals look healthy and are pretty large portions, for little ones. I haven’t tried the appetizers but saw some on other tables and they looked delicious as well.

I can’t wait to go back.

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