Focusing on rugged line

20170521_110552Duluth Trading Co.
9578 Civic Centre Blvd.
West Chester, OH 45069
(513) 342-1400

West Chester just introduced a new adult “superstore” for the hard working men and women of the area. Duluth Trading Co. recently opened across the highway from IKEA . It’s size and height suggests it might be a double decker retail store, but, in fact, it’s only one floor. Duluth Trading Co. used to only be available online to this area, but now, can be visited just a hop, skip and jump from home.

Duluth is known for their durability in clothing and their specialty clothing such as firemen and carpenter clothing. They offer women and men clothing, shoes, hates, bags, docks, undergarments, etc. They even have a small section of items for dogs, including durable leases, collapsable water bowls and bottles, and toys.


Duluth Trading Co. is very fashionable, clean, orderly and very motivational, but the prices of items might just have you heading for the front doors- which is something I witnessed while visiting. The website offers great clearances, sales and deals. Although the store was offering some deals, such as $10 off a couple of women’s shirts, 25% dresses, clearance on winter sweaters (which were still $99) and 30% off men’s shirts, the prices were ridiculous. For instance, women shorts started at $69, long pants started out at $99, sun hats started out at $49. But, even though there were many that just walked out of the store, the line for checking out was long and they were surprisingly moving a lot of items.


Looking out in the parking lot, there were a ton of huge trucks that cost more than my annual salary for two years, so, it’s clear to say that the normal customer is not the ordinary farmer, house painter, volunteer fireman, etc. I guess that’s why Duluth picked West Chester for their newest location.


In all fairness, if I could have afforded it, I found a ton of stuff that I would have loved to have bought. I would have been one of the fortunate standing in that line with an arm full of items. Until then, I’ll have my husband continue buying from the online site.


Have you been there? What did you think?


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