The charm of the farm

One of Lebanon’s most charming farms turned into a weekend vintage market, offering products from all around the local area. The Charm at the Farm, a Vintage Market was visited by thousands of local shoppers during this Springtime market to see what the area has to offer. Merchandise included unique items such as specialized pillows and pillow covers, photo frames, soaps, lotions, candles, jewelry, bags, essential oils, home decor, shabby chic, repurposed items, and more, each booth as unique as the next.


Some of my favorite booths included string art, memory cards, Blume, and anything that dealt with unique home decor and homemade soaps and lotions. Like many of the markets like these in the area, the prices are what I consider “higher” than normal. Yes, I understand that they have to be because of vendor has to pay for the space and has to make enough to be profitable, but I sure would have bought a lot more if I could have felt the price justifiable. It’s hard to pay $40 for a small piece of wood with a cute saying on it.


It was a perfect morning for a stroll around a farm and even better to see the food trucks lined up in the back of the market. It was warm and shopping builds up a thirst. I was certainly disappointed to learn that there was only one vendor that even offered something to drink – root beer, water or lemonade- that’s it. Chicken-Mac, a brunch truck,   and a BBQ vendor were there. Also, three candy and cupcake trucks were present (what are sugar shots?) I tried the Chicken-Mac truck. It was a bowl of spiced, shredded chicken on top of creamy, macaroni and cheese. It had a great taste but I couldn’t eat much of it. My husband loved it. I guess, next time, I’ll get the meal separated and not mixed.


Bottom line, this was a great event in the local area and that helped local creative friends and neighbors- because that’s what a strong community does.


Another chance to visit comes in the summer and fall. Follow for other details. The farm is located at 4953 Bunnell Hill Rd., Lebanon.



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