Helping the digestion of your furry friend



Hello everyone. I’m Lexi and I had horrible digestion problems. My belly was always rumbling. When I went to the dog parks, other dogs would stay clear from me because whenever I got really excited, a small fart would escape. It might have been a little escape of wind but the results were horrendous. Yes, I was an outcast from that moment on. I felt sad and depressed.

Even when my mommy and daddy are cuddled up on the couch at night watching tv, all I hear is “OMG Lexi, really?” Then they tell me to get off the couch and go to bed. It was getting bad.

Then one day, my mom brought home some amazing stuff and she said it would help my belly. Right? I tried blades of grass, eating cat food, catnip, even some other stuff that I wish to not speak of- and nothing worked. So, what is so special about this stuff.


It’s a Bil-Jac product that’s new to the market. It comes in a spray bottle- Break-thru Biotics. It’s a food enhancer for dogs, like me, to help with their digestive problems. When she showed it to me, I was scared. I thought she was going to spray me down with it and I would smell terrible- like after having a bath. But, I watched her read the label the head to my food bowl. What a relief. I usually eat about anything, so I thought it wouldn’t be so bad.

This formula has been specially designed to contain 12 strains of natural, live and active probiotics in a liquid form. So, there are no pills to force down dog’s throats or nasty powders. You just spray it right onto our dry dog food. I also eat Bil-Jac dog food, so this was just a nice addition. The spray has a smoky beef flavor and I race to the food bowl now when I get the first whiff of it. Mom said that I only get five sprays a day for my weight. Yes, I might be a little overweight – but, I’m not judging you, am I?

Each bottle will last approximately 1-3 months or has approximately 180 sprays, per each 4 oz. bottle. Here is the spray chart that is recommended:

20 lbs. and below: 2 sprays
21- 30 lbs.: 3 sprays
31-60 lbs.: 4 sprays
61-90 lbs.: 5 sprays
91 and above: 6 sprays

The best part about Bil-Jac products is that it is an Ohio company – made right here in Medina. I went there once in the back of an old pickup truck for a joy ride, but mommy and daddy won’t take me to their warehouse. I’m not really over that yet, but whatever!

Bil-Jac products, including the Breakthru Biotics: Digestive Health Formula ($14.99), can be purchased at a local PetSmart or online. Rush and get your furry friend some to help them feel better.

For more information regarding Bil-Jac Breakthru Biotics formula, visit

Now, maybe the dogs at the park will accept me!!

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