The Upbeat K9 giving dogs pride


One local man’s dreams came true recently when he purchased a franchise training dogs. Matthew Bohn, owner and head trainer of Upbeat K9 is currently taking on all of your dog’s bad behaviors to make them more lovable and enjoyable but yet able to go out in public without the headaches. No more lease problems, no more jumping on guests, and no more embarrassing behaviors with Bohn’s unique and exclusive training and offers.

“We’re very excited to have Matt be a part of the Upbeat K9 program. He brings an immense passion for the dog world and has proven his skills over the years in not only the obedience ring, but in various dog sports. I can’t wait to watch his location grow,” Bohn’s friend and The Upbeat K9 CEO, Jesse Dalton said.

For the past 21 years, Bohn worked in his family business as a mechanic, but his real passion has always been working with dogs, but more so for the past six to seven years. Since then, he has been learning everything possible about training K9s in behavior, manners, tricks, and much more. He even began teaching at a local dog training facility. He began studying everything needed to build up to his dream job.  Unfortunately, for him, it took him two years to take the jump from mechanic to dog trainer. But, now, he would never turn back.

Bohn’s friend, Dalton worked as a dog trainer for years, but separated from that job. At that time, Dalton went to Bohn for some business advice. That’s when the idea of Upbeat K9 came to fruition and the idea of franchising the company. Since then, the company has been established in Boston, Florida, Vermont and now in Dayton.The company plans to add two other locations by the end of the month in Tennessee and Canada.

Bohn offers three types of training plans. The Jump Start Premium program allows Upbeat K9 to take the dog home for 5,7,14 or more days, including nights to rid them of their bad habits. Bohn keeps the dog throughout this program and takes them home at the end to teach the owner how to continue the training. The Jump Start Light program includes only daytime training and teaching owners how to continue the training at night. He also offers private lessons. The advantage to taking advantage of the Jump Start programs is that if the dog ever reverts back to the old habits, Bohn will retrain the dog at no charge. The training is not limited to his home or the client’s home, but in a variety of areas such as festivals, grocery stores, etc. this allows the dog to get used to new behaviors in other environments, so it’s not confusing to the dog or owner.

“I limit myself to two dogs on the Jump Start Premium programs because I want to make sure I spend a lot of time with them,” Bohn said. “Then, I’ll sprinkle in some of the other programs into the mix. Working sessions are short because of their attention span.”

Bohn retrains behaviors such as aggression, counter surfing, jumping, returning when called, sit and stay, car behaviors and more.

During the summer months, Upbeat K9 can be found in the Beavercreek area at Ritter’s Frozen Yogurt and Graeter’s Ice Cream during their dog nights.

“My ultimate goal is to have three to five additional trainers in the next five years,” Bohn said. “I’m ready for this new chapter in my life.” All trainers are required to pass Upbeat K9 training that was designed by CEO Dalton and Partner, Nate Whitmore in Vermont.

For more information or for a free consultation, contact Matthew Bohn at Upbeat K9 at (937) 329-9873 or visit

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