Chunky Chunky Hippo during National Ice Cream Month


20046331_10155207233838445_8607880848130654638_nWho’s hungry for some limited-time Chunky Chunky Hippo ice cream during Graeter’s National Ice Cream Month in the month of July. Unlike July 16, which was National Ice Cream Day, Graeter’s Ice Cream knows ice cream should be celebrated for more than just one day.

This year, Graeter’s Ice Cream is celebrating 147 years of dedication to the Cincinnati area by not only providing the community with the best ice cream, but also by teaming up to help the most popular Cincinnati premature baby in the area.


“Our 147th birthday is the perfect time to celebrate Graeter’s and the fans who have helped to make us such a mainstay in so many homes nationwide,” fourth-generation owner of Graeter’s Ice Cream said. “We take an incredible amount of pride in creating the ideal ice cream experience, which we’ve been perfecting since Graeter’s first small batch of ice cream was churned in 1870.”

This year, Graeter’s Ice Cream, a Cincinnati-based company, is teaming up to care for the needs of the Cincinnati Zoo’s newest hippo, Fiona. With the love and support of the entire community, Fiona fans can enjoy the new flavor designed by Graeter’s especially for this special 147-year celebration- a portion of the proceeds benefit the Cincinnati Zoo. 


Grater’s is proud to be a family-based business from the Cincinnati area- where it all began. This summer, Graeter’s continues offering birthday scoops for only $1.47, surprise bonus flavors, and the new announced ice cream – Chunky Chunky Hippo. This new flavor consists of a toffee ice cream base with a nice blend of salted, roasted peanuts and milk chocolate caramel truffles. Enjoy it all summer long. In addition to Fiona’s newest flavor, during the month of July and August, Graeter’s will announce a new flavor every other Monday- specifically July 24, August 7, and August 21.


Grater’s fans can find their delicious creations in shops around the Dayton and Cincinnati areas. Also, the special flavors designed for the Cincinnati Zoo can also be found while enjoying the grounds of the Cincinnati Zoo and visit to Fiona.

CONTEST: to win a FREE scoop of ice cream during the month of July, post photos of your favorite Graeter’s Ice Cream creation here. 






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