Who wants free dinner for two?


For the next week, I’ll be offering give-aways and all you have to do is just like, share and comment the post. I’m attempting to grow my readers base, collect opinions, new ideas and in the meantime reward my loyal readers.

So, for this first give-away, I have two dinners at Northstar Cafe in the shopping center of Liberty Way. This is a newer cafe that focuses on local produce, healthy eating, seasonal menus and a wonderful, hip atmosphere. I tried this place out last night and quickly found that this is going to be my next favorite place. I loved it and I would love to share my love with you.

Please like this blog page, share and then give one opinion about my blog. For instance, what would you like to see more of or less of. Would you like to see something written about a business, event or person? If so, provide me with that information.

For each, like, share, or comment you will be entered to win a night out!

Thank you for reading.

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