Tacos, tequila and whiskey- can it get any better?


Cleveland offers a unique taco joint that is very different than any I’ve ever seen. Now, granted, I’m not a lover of tacos in the first place, but Barrio Taco, Tequila and Whiskey offers something that other taco joints don’t. That’s choices.

First, it’s atmosphere is dark, mysterious and celebrates the Mexican culture of the saints, spirits and the ghosts that swirls around all of us on any given day. With black walls and white skulls and skeletons painted on the wall, it gives a very unique look to the establishment. It’s refreshing.

When you sit at the table, instead of getting a menu, customers get an order form to build your own taco or choose a daily special. So, you get it as you like. Order one or ten- whatever you want.

That’s the way it should be.

503 Prospect Ave E.
Cleveland, OH 44115




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