Visiting the zoo this fall


Who doesn’t love the zoo? Kids, adults, couples, families and more. But, the Cincinnati Zoo provides more than just incredible scenery, food, animals, and memories. The Zoo provides haven to so many animals and endangered species. The zoo takes great pride in how the park is kept and the care the animals are provided. IT SHOWS.

From birds, tigers, snakes and monkeys, the Cincinnati Zoo has it all.

The Gorillas are my favorite. This year is especially grand because they have two young gorillas for fans to watch grow up. Look how cute they are.


In addition to the baby gorillas, the zoo also has a baby rhino. He was a muddy mess when I saw him, but still so cute.

I was also able to see baby Fiona. I wasn’t really able to see her very well because everyone was crowding the glass. The enclosure is very low to the ground and really hard to see when in person. But, if you were lucky enough to get close to the glass, little Fiona puts on a show for all. Who doesn’t love the baby hippo that has warmed our hearts?

Can’t wait to go back again this fall.

Helpful tip: Purchase tickets beforehand by using the Groupon app. A lot less expensive. 


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  1. Such great pictures…
    I love the zoo… haven’t been in oh about 24 years : ( the last one was in Saint Louis MO… the city zoo…
    Been wanting to go to the Dallas zoo but way to hot here and can’t be in the sun… maybe this fall when it does cool down a bit…
    Thank you for sharing …


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