Fall in love with nature all over again


It’s so easy to lose the love for nature as you get older. Most of us work inside all day sitting at a desk- so without even a view of the outside. This sedentary work weeks has created a sedentary lifestyle for many. It’s an obstacle to get out in nature and enjoy what life is all about- experiencing the birds, deer, foxes, and other wildlife. See the beautiful grace of a butterfly fluttering from flower to flower- skipping a rock across the lake or pond. Experiencing the outdoors is anything that gets you outside and doing something that you love. Whether it is hiking, boating, camping, fishing or visiting parks around the area, getting out and being active helps you live a longer, healthier, and happy life. We are fortunate that we live in an area that offers so much as far as nature.


I live near Caesar’s Creek, so I have a lot of nature right at my fingertips. Sometimes, making myself get out and about it hard. But, the minute I do, I’m immediately relaxed- even if it’s going to the marina to sit quietly to watch the boaters and boats or hiking the banks of the lake.

Here are some ideas on getting out and about- Just Do It!

There are numerous hiking trails in this area, but I’m going to focus on the Caeser’s Creek area since that’s what I’m more familiar. Here are my favorite hiking spots.

*Flat Fork Ridge (on Clarksville Rd., just beyond the spillway but before the dam.) This spot is best known as the “fossil area”. At first, this spot looks like nothing special- just a flat field with a rocky start. But, once you walk through the rocky patch and up an incline, it opens up to a beautiful hiking trail. One side has a swampy marsh with erie sounding bullfrogs and the other offers sightings of deer and beautiful flowers. But, both sides intertwine through the banks of the lake. It’s a very nice, peaceful walk that is mostly deserted.

*Crawdad Falls (off Lukens Rd. – follow park signs)
The trail can also be accessed at the Pioneer Village or Jonah’s Run Rd. This trail has wonderful, vigorous, waterfalls and is a beautiful place during the fall when the trees change colors. It’s just a nice hiking trail with lots of twists and turns and unexpected wonders all over.

Outdoor Empire- 11 Reasons how fishing makes you healthier and happier by Ben Team

Besides hiking, fishing is another reason to get out there and enjoy nature. What’s more exciting that catching your own dinner or battling with a fish to reel it in? In this area, the lakes are stocked with large and small mouth bass, crappy, channel catfish, spotted bass, flathead catfish, carp, white bass, saugeye, muskellunge, and bluegill.

Here is a great article on how fishing is healthy and creates happier people. Check out this article from Outdoor Empire: 11 Reasons Fishing Makes You a Healthier, Happier Person by Ben Team.

Washington Park in Cincinnati 

Canoeing, kayaking, and rafting are other great ways to enjoy nature. Here are some places in the area that are perfect for these types of outdoor adventures:

*River’s Edge Canoe and Rafting Outfitters, 3928 US 42, Waynesville, OH
*Caesar’s Creek, St. Rt. 73, Waynesville, OH
*Cowan Lake State Park, 1750 Osborn Rd. Wilmington, OH

Don’t forget about camping. It’s a great outdoor adventure during all seasons – spring, summer, fall and even winter. Here are some great places in the area to enjoy the great outdoors:

*Caesar’s Creek Campground, 9000 Center Rd., Wilmington, OH
*Cowan Lake State Park, 1750 Osborn Rd. Wilmington, OH
*Hueston Woods State Park, 6301 Park Office Rd., College Corner, OH

It’s always a great idea to get the kids out and about and get them off the couch and away from the electronics. How about spending some time at a local park. Here are some of my favorites:

*Island Metro Park, 101 E. Helena St., Dayton
*Washington Park, 1230 Elm St., Cincinnati
*Sawyer Point Park, 705 E. Pete Rose Way, Cincinnati

Besides some other outdoor parks like The Beach, Kings Island, or Coney Island, there are other places to go and not spend a fortune and have just as much fun. Here is one of my favorites: Ozone Zipline Canopy Tour, 5291 St. Rt.  350, Oregonia, OH (513) 932-3756.

Where will you go?

Where are your favorite places?

When will your next outdoor adventure take place?

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