Have you ever been to this festival?

The Country Living Festival is held in Columbus every second weekend in September in the Ohio Village Museum. It’s the perfect place for this festival because it feels like you’ve stepped back in time when outside markets were the only way to shop.


But, this festival has the best of the best vendors because they have at one time or another been featured in the Country Living magazine. The vendors come from all over the country to share their wonderful products with the visitors.

For the most part, if you’ve been there one year, you will see many of the same vendors the next. But, this year, there were many new vendors and many of the same favorites.

I like how the festival is situated. It’s spread out through the whole village and categorized into sections. For instance, if you are into primitive decor, just go to that section. If you are into refurbished or repurposed items, go to that section. But, if you don’t really have a “thing” then browse the whole festival to find unique vintage or handmade items throughout.

Don’t let the “old town” feel fool you into thinking that items will be cheap. NO NO. These vendors and their great products come with some hefty prices, at least most of them. There was a painting there that I wanted so bad. I thought to myself and told my friend that I thought it would be about $400- which to me is outrageous unless it was from some famous artist or something. But, no. It was $1,400. Guess I’ll wait for the knock off version of it at Hobby Lobby.


But, the sad part is that many vendors did have high prices. It really makes it hard to buy a ton of things to make you feel like you have a great bargain shopping day. Many people walked around carrying nothing. I think if the vendors lowered their prices just a little, more people would have bought more.

Every year, I attended this festival and wanted a clock that a man and his daughter handcrafted. Their stuff was always so unusual, but I loved it. So, this year, I took the plunge and just bought it. I was the one thing that I did for myself and I smile every time I pass it on the wall. I LOVE IT. Even though it would look great opposite from the painting I wanted, I think I’ll just have to pass on it.


This year, they did have something that I think everyone appreciated. FORD was a sponsor of the festival this year and offered a $5 voucher that could be used anywhere in the festival – at any booth regardless of the amount you spent. They also offered free shuttle service to your car in one of their new vehicles. It was so hot the day my girlfriend and I went, we couldn’t wait to get in the air conditioned vehicle. It was a $50,000 Ford SUV with massaging seats- what wasn’t to like?


The best part about this festival is that County Living editors are present doing live demonstrations from cooking, art projects, painting demonstrations to raising free range chickens. Each year the demonstrations and classes change. These demonstrations and classes are free with admission.

It’s always a great time. Check it out next year. If you went this year, let me know your favorite part. I would love to hear from you.

TIP: When going to the festival – DO NOT leave without trying the blackberry, cherry or apple cobbler with ice cream. The pies come from a bakery in Springfield and they are to die for. I love the blackberry cobbler the best. But, don’t wait until Sunday just before closing to get it because they will be out. It goes quick! 


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