Indian food right from the freezer



Tandoor Chef offers some creative dishes straight from the freezer. I know, I know…. when you think of frozen food entrees, I’m sure that Indian food is not what comes to mind.

But, just think…instead of getting all dolled up for a dinner out, just stay in your pjs, watch television, microwave a warm Indian dish of chicken curry and settle in for the night.

Tandoor Chef offers more then just chicken curry, they also have saag panteer, chicken tikka masala, railway chicken, chicken biryani, kofta curry, lamb vindaloo and much more. Tandoor dishes are made with the finest ingredients such as fresh spinach, cheeses, chickpeas, onions, tomatoes, rices, spices and beans.

The Indians also love pizza– it’s not like traditional pizza, but the Indian way. Naam Pizzas are fresh and ready to warm up and eat. Tandoor oven fired pizzas with the freshest eggplant, spinach, pesto, jalapeño, and mozzarella – but not necessarily all on one pizza.

Tandoor offers dishes for any dietary need- gluten free and vegetarian. Meals contain approximately 4 to 34 grams of protein, from 190 calories and starting at 12 grams of fat.

Having been someone we at RMD have worked with in the past, I wanted to run a new idea by you, as we would love to work with you again!  We are looking for bloggers to review Tandoor Chef, the #1 frozen Indian cuisine! We’re offering two FREE vouchers for your choice of any of Tandoor Chef meal.

Krogers only offers a few choices, but go to a variety of stores to get a wide range of choices.


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