Don’t fudge resume too much


Sure, who hasn’t lied a little “tad” of bit to a job application or on your resume. Yes, maybe you were just an intern and not the head of a department or actually a valet instead of a race card driver, but “who’ll know the difference?” RIGHT? What?

It’s one thing to say this or that. But, really lying…. I mean really lying… will ALWAYS haunt you. Some things employers really do check. Some things really are followed up on- like credentials, diplomas, and certifications. Especially when these credentials have to do with other people’s money and kids.. ALWAYS.

But, one Columbus man, James Barone, in his 49 years, has not learned that lesson yet and is paying the biggest price for his mistakes. When applying and getting a job with the Beavercreek Township accounting department as an assistant to the fiscal officer and finance director, he indicated on his application and stated in his resume that he was a graduate of Youngstown State University. But, after the township looked into it, it was confirmed that Mr. Barone actually did attend Youngstown State University but DID NOT graduate.

This lie brought about a lawsuit that was filed by the Township against him. The case was filed in the Greene County Court, Case No. 2017CV0583 with Judge Wolaver. The case was filed September 22, 2017 and the Courts were just able to serve Barone with the complaint. So, now off to court they go.

According to the release provided by the Township Administrator, Alex Zaharieff, the township alleges that while an employee, Barone “materially misrepresented his credentials to the township, and the township staff, and in so doing defrauded the township and misappropriated taxpayer funds.”

After being fired from the township, it’s been determined that Barone is now employed as an accountant for the city of Grandview Heights in Franklin County.


The township is accusing Barone of fraud, theft and unjust enrichment. The township is seeking for repayment of funds paid to him during his employment with the township. The issue was broached with Barone prior to the lawsuit being filed but they were not able to resolve the issues.

Baron earned a base salary of $53,072 and a gross income of $72,693.

This issue is now out of the township’s hands and is an issue for the Greene County Courts.

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