Handzy shop brings brightness


Owners, Brittney and Suzy bring a new light to the meaning of colorful and cheery with their Cincinnati area shop. I say “Cincinnati” area because it is just minutes from Cincinnati – just over the bridge in Covington.

They’ve only been open since 2016, but I just found out about them during a Yelp review night.

“We’re best friends that attended design school together,” Suzy said during the yelp event. “We always said we were going to start our own business together, and we did.”


This shop offers media design, logo designs, greeting cards, gifts, stationary, paper supplies, desk supplies, local art and products, gift wrap and much more. They also design invitations for weddings, showers, etc. Their creative side surpasses no other. They are brilliant.

This part of Covington is revitalizing quickly and has a charm that makes you want to keep coming.

During this special event I attended, the duo owners set up a large table of crafts to allow us to make three book marks and a decorative gift box. The only problem was, is that I’m not crafty AT ALL. But, some of the other people I was standing near were very talented. I can see why they loved it. Special events like these are scheduled throughout the year, so watch for them on Facebook or on their website here.

Currently, their shop is small, but they will be moving next door to a much larger space. Their shop is bright, cheery, creative and just fun.

Check it out yourself and let me know what you think.

Handy Shop
15 W. Pike St.
Covington, KY


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