Wishing Ted’s was in Ohio


Ted’s Montana Grill
4100 Nicholasville Rd.
Lexington, KY 40503
(417) 576-8295

I’m not much of a meat eater, so it might seem strange that I would visit an establishment that specializes in beef and buffalo. But, my boys and father believe more meat the better. So, while visiting my son in Lexington, he took us to this new place that just opened up around the corner from his condo. I’ve never heard of Ted’s Montana Grill so I was excited to try something new.

First, when walking through the doors of this establishment, it felt like I was actually in Montana. The place is decorated in deep, dark woodwork, large western paintings, with a slash of the west on every corner. But, the one thing that really impressed me was how clean and organized each and every table was.

The waitress come around to introduce herself and present us with a bowl of thick cut pickles. She explained that each and every item that’s served at Ted’s is locally purchased, homemade and never frozen. She explained that the beef is handpicked and only the best selected, grass-fed meat in the area, as well as the buffalo. All the meat is processed and butchered in the backroom and always fresh. She said the buffalo steaks are to die for and eat bite melts in your mouth. By the way, the pickles she served at the beginning were just like my grandmother used to make with her fresh gown cucumbers. They were delicious.

I ordered the veggie burger and parmasan cheese broccoli. One of my sons ordered a buffalo burger and the other a beef burger. My dad ordered a BLT salad (which had the most delicious homemade ranch, tomato and bacon dressing) and onion rings. I don’t even know how to explain how delicious my veggie burger was. The onion rings were delicious and the burgers were the biggest things I had ever seen.

For being a burger place, they seem to take special attention to all things that matter to the environment. From the fresh products to paper straws, it’s hard to find such a quality these days. I just hope it stays that way and they don’t start trying to go the “cheap” way in the future by changing their ways and customs.


I’m already craving another veggie burger from this place.I can’t wait to visit again. I know this is a chain restaurant, but this chain owner has values that surpass the normal chain owner that is money driven. I’ve learned that he is an environmentalist and outdoorsman. Keep your values strong and don’t change a thing. That’s what I say. Great job.

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