Macaron bar – what is that?

Macaroon Bar
1206 Main Street
Cincinnati, OH

It’s a piece of Heaven – that’s what it is.

I stopped her after getting locked out of my car. The girl working was gracious enough to let me sit with her after closing to let me wait for my husband to bring my car keys. It was super cold outside so I was super appreciative.

I’ve heard of this place before but had never stopped by. But, i’m glad i did. First, i got a cup of tea. It was the best tea i think I’ve ever had. Rich and pipping hit. Very nice on a cold day.


When I arrived, i was so stressed out because it was getting late and I’m not a night-time city girl, if you know what I mean. It was dark, I’m a woman and walking around alone down Main Street. Can’t be good, huh?

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But, by the time I left, I was calm, relaxed and warm. This might be my new favorite place.

It’s location has a ton of character, clean, inviting and just a very happy place. Love it.

It seems like it would be a great place for meeting clients, friends, work on the computer or just to relax.

Try it out and let me know what you think.

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