Helping seniors before crisis


Jillynne Fields, Downsizing & Senior Transition Specialist at Keller William 

Sometimes selling a house means more than location, amenities, school districts, or the number of houses on the street. When downsizing, upsizing or making decisions that will shape the future of retirement, experts are what you need on your side; specialists like relator, Jillynne Fields at Keller Williams and her team of financial advisors, attorneys specializing in elder law, estate planners and others.  Fields is hosting a Simpli-Size Expo on January 28 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at The Mandalay Banquet Center located at 2700 E. River Rd. in Moraine.

“This expo is for baby boomers, empty-nesters, retirees, and seniors who are ready for a change,” Fields said. “Starting around age 50, changes are usually made to make life simpler, easier and more enjoyable. So, it’s not really downsizing, it’s simpli-sizing.”

For over 20 years, Fields was a preacher’s wife. After a divorce, she went to work in a local funeral home where she went from administration to helping people plan funerals. Seeing people in crisis has always come natural to her. So, when she became a realtor, she didn’t forget about the people suffering after loved ones had passed. She knew they had a house with contents to unload. Then, she began helping seniors plan for the future. So, her career began.


Serving the entire Miami Valley region, her services are so customized that each customer’s needs are as different as the next. But, the key to downsizing success is to NOT wait for a crisis before taking action.

“I think, as a society, we like youth and we ignore aging. Other cultures realize that there is wisdom in aging. So, most people seem to wait until a triggering event and then they’re running around trying to figure out where do I go for this and what do I need to do for that,” she said.  

By the time a triggering event happens, for instance an illness, death or debilitating disorder, your options have been reduced and now you have to do something quick and in an urgent situation. So, the houses don’t get the equity because you have to sell quickly and you can’t get the house updated for sell to maximize the sell, or do what needs to be done to protect assets before there are no other options.

“There is a lot of different variables to consider when selling property when you’re older. So, ideally people would meet with their financial advisor, elderly attorney, financial planner and their realtor as a team and say, this is what we would like to do, these are our goals, what should I do to protect the funds and the eligibility of Medicare and Social Security and all that. It’s a more complicated picture when you get older and working with this kind of stuff,” Fields said. “Very few people realize that.”

Her mission is to inspire families to be proactive in planning for senior life so that they can live a more vibrant, and free life away from the concerns about the future.

Some exhibits include ThinkTV, LifePlan Financial Group, Inc., Pickrel, Schaeffer & Ebeling, Home Care Assistance of Dayton, Next Steps Senior Transitions, Caliber Home Loans, United Healthcare, Sove Law, and many more.

“This is very rewarding to me,” Fields said. “Many realtors don’t know the damage that could be done if you don’t check on these things.

Think TV- channel 16 is sponsoring the event as a division of their new reporting and stories that are based on baby boomers. This new series is called Next Avenue.  


16996181_10155140447360407_3218925078919550560_n“I’m a baby boomer with aging parents myself,” Fields said. “I’ve seen what not planning does to families. So, don’t stick your head in the sand, plan and then enjoy life.”  

Seating is limited, so even though it’s a free event, registration is required. For more information, contact Jillynne Fields, downsizing and senior transition specialist, at (937) 367-4850 or visit her online at


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