Brockmire hitting it where it counts


It’s not everyday when you’re searching Hulu for something to watch and you find a gem- one that you can’t get enough of. THIS IS IT!

The first season just aired in April 2017, but recently posted on Hulu. Staring Amanda Peet and Hank Azaria, this comedy hits the right spot for a gloomy, winter weekend.


Jim Brockmire (Hank Azaria) was an established, famous major league baseball announcer that had a national breakdown on-air after finding his wife wearing a strap-on, going to town on a man in their living room. After being fired, he took an international voyage with drugs, sex and alcohol for the next decade.


But, announcing baseball is his life and doesn’t know how he is going to live without it. It wasn’t until Julia James (Amanda Peet) purchases a small town baseball team and incises him to come announce for her new team, making this his comeback to the big times. 

However, what Jim doesn’t realize is that the internet lives forever and his story lives on even though he has put the events behind him. Partnering with Julia, his life takes multiple turns in a town he normally won’t have been caught dead in. He builds relationships and friendships that grow to mean a lot to him, until his big chance at the big leagues come to find him.

What is a guy to do?

This series is hilarious and witty. Can’t wait to see Season two.



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