How does a picture change your mood?


My therapist always tells me, “we think to feel.” I never really understood what he’s saying. But, I do know that I’m a very visual person. Pictures and other visual stimulates can change a mood. Some can create happy memories to one person while the same can bring back bad memories for another. One photo can inspire or touch the depths of a soul— without one word ever being spoken.

Just a simple door? 

A picture can tell a person so much. For instance, the picture above. It’s just a door. But, there is so much more to it than being a photo of a door, isn’t there? There is a story to it. So many opportunities open up with this photo. What are your thoughts?


Then, just looking at this photo, you might feel a little more relaxed. Able to take a minute to reflect on the day. Hear the sound of the water crashing into the dock and maybe feel the sway of the movement under your feet. Feel the breeze kissing your cheeks. All that, with just a photo. What are your thoughts?


What about this one? Is she returning home from a long journey – OR- is she heading towards the dream of her life and taking a chance without looking back? To me, it makes me feel free, liberated but a little anxious of the unknown. What about you?


Anyone how really knows me, knows I love cows. I love all farm animals, but for some reason the cow really has a soft place in my heart. I’ve been know to pull over the car in the middle of a country road, climb over the fence, just to pet a beautiful cow. Like this one above. Look at this beauty. But, there is a sadness to it too. It’s been tagged and is the property of a human. It’s not free to do what it wants and its end is predictable. So, this photo give a mix of emotions for me. What about you?


Is she mourning the loss of her self or dreaming of her new life?

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