Shumrock & Leys needle in a haystack

_DSC0088Have you ever heard of this place? Chances are you haven’t. It’s a needle in a haystack stashed away in an industrial park. So, why should you know about it? Because it’s one of the city’s gems.

Shumrock & Leys Distillery 
2810 Highland Ave.
Norwood, OH 45212


This local distillery is tucked behind some warehouses and is a bit tricky to find. Even when you do find it, it kind of leaves you feeling like your not in the right place. But, don’t worry, you have found it. TIP: Just look for the white signs at both parking areas.

Once there, the first thing that strikes your senses is the delicious smelling BBQ, from the house food truck stationed in the parking lot just outside the entrance door. It’s alway a good thing to eat something while drinking, and Nardo’s Food Truck is just the food to hit the spot. Once inside, the place opens up to a sitting bar area and the distillery in the back with the bottle system area in the middle.

Nardo’s Food Truck