Mad Mike’s Burgers worth the try


A friend and I were visiting the Butler County Fairgrounds during the Rust and Ruffles event recently and decided to check out the downtown area to see if there was anything to eat. We were looking for something different than the norm, but it was Sunday, so a lot of places were closed. Then we come across Mad Mike’s Burgers & Fries and decided to give it a try – and glad we did.

Like most burger joints, you order at the counter and then wait for your meal to be done. It’s really similar to Five Guys, that way. But, unlike Five Guys, when getting a drink, customers can choose from sodas, tea, water OR — wait for it——–Yes, slushies. Who doesn’t love a nice, cold, freezing beverage in the color of red or blue? I was so excited— and for no additional charge.

I ordered the single original burger and hand-cut fries. The special sauce had a bit of a welcoming kick to it. I know, boring- right? Yes, it is, but if looking for something more exciting, they have it. But, even my boring sandwich was really juicy, delicious and a sloppy mess in the end. It was a wonderful experience.

Even on a Sunday afternoon, this place was packed and full of energy.

It was just a all in all great experience. The next time I want a flavorful burger, I’ll make the drive from Waynesville to Hamilton.

After researching this place, I see it’s a chain, but I’ve never heard of it. Glad we tried it.

What are your thoughts of the place?

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