Fit Body Boot Camp like family


Shawn Haffner, owner of Beavercreek’s newest area gym is unlike anything Beavercreek has to offer. Yes, it’s all about working out, feeling great and getting in shape, but, it’s a team effort in a family environment. Haffner opened his gym to the Beavercreek community in January and is ecstatic with the outstanding results so far. Fit Body Boot Camp is located at 2340 Grange Hall Rd. in the corner stripmall.

“The great thing about this workout is that in just 30 minutes, clients workout their whole body and it’s a group effort. Client’s aren’t working out by themselves, they are working out and being encouraged by their workout family,” Haffner said. “That’s what people are looking for now; accountability and support.”

It’s a high intensity interval training geared to burn more fat and calories than other workouts that are twice as long. Each working out is designed to work every area of the body and get quick results in a fun, supportive and challenging manner.

Haffner owns and operates the Grange Hall location. Although, this is the first of its kind in the area, this company originates out of California and has been around since 2012. There are over 600 Fit Body Boot Camp locations, including three in Cleveland and now this Beavercreek location. Haffner plans on helping the expansion throughout the region by opening up another location every 18 months.


“The referrals are what’s great, because you know people are loving it when they’re out there telling their friends about it. We keep people excited and motivated,” Haffner said. “I have some of the best trainers out there. I couldn’t do it without them.”

Haffner graduated from Urbana University with a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Fitness and specialized in sports management. He was a district manager and personal trainer at Anytime Fitness for the past five years. But, his passion is really with helping kids, motivating people to stay active and helping out the community.  So, owning his own gym was a dream come true.

“Every class is different than the next. But, we always focus on full body workouts,” he said. “I offer each person three free classes. I want them to see what’s it’s like before joining. The only way we’re successful is if our client’s are successful.

Haffner believes his clients are more than just visiting workout buddies. He considers each and every one of them to be family. In this family, everyone helps motivate each other and that holds people accountable and provides the support they need in order to get to their goals.


“There are other gyms people can go to that are very cheap, but it’s like going to a garage and the mechanic says, here’s ta wrench, now go fix your car,” Haffner said.
“People aren’t looking for this, they want support and accountability. We aren’t going to be the cheapest, but we aren’t the highest either.”

As part of their family, Haffner and his team truly care about the clients. They follow-up with them and become a part of their lives. A recent customer had to take a leave from the program because she had to have surgery. Fit Body Boot Camp, sent her flowers. “Because she’s now part of our family,” Haffner said.

For more information, contact Fit Body Boot Camp at (937) 554-9392 or visit the website at

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